CZ-Group was founded in 2017 as a reaction to the requests of our customers to cooperate with a credible partner with strong financial background and capabilities to deliver supplies and financing in the field of machining, firearms manufacturing, optics, ammunition and military material.

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On Friday, 28th September 2018, Chicago will host the Czech Centennial Gala in commemoration of 100 years of the foundation of the independent Czechoslovak Republic. Česká zbrojovka a.s. and its daughter…

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IPSC shooters from Zbrojovka dominated the Czech championship On the first September weekend, the Czech IPSC shooting championship took place in Hodonice near Znojmo. The 190 participating shooters included successful…

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Between 13th and 18th August, Manitoba in Canada hosted the IPSC Canada National Championship. Amongst the 360 participants, there were three representatives from CZ: Marina Gushchina, Zdeněk Liehne and Robin Šebo. The…

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