Located in Uhersky Brod, Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ) is a traditional Czech small arms manufacturer specializing in the field of hunting, sports, law enforcement and military. In 2017, CZ sold over 330,000 firearms and generated more than 70% of sales in foreign markets making it a true global leader in firearms production.

Production of weapons for the law enforcement and armed forces represents a significant part of CZ’s operations. Currently, CZ’s firearms are widely used by various law enforcement agencies and militaries in more than 40 countries worldwide. Strong interest in CZ products at various conventions such as Eurosatory, IWA, IDEX and SHOT Show is a further testament to CZ’s constant focus on product innovation and strive towards modernization.


CZ dates back to 1936, when it was established as a branch part of Ceska Zbrojovka located in Strakonice, Czech Republic. Initial products comprised of aircraft machineguns and military pistols. After the Nazi occupation, the CZ plant resumed standard production focusing on a range of military and civilian firearms. In 1958 CZ launched the production of the Sa 58 assault rifle. Several years later CZ developed the renowned Sa 61 Scorpion machine gun and the legendary CZ 75 pistol.

In 2001, CZ was reorganized under the current shareholder base and began supplying the Czech police force. In 2011, CZ significantly expanded its research and development force and began rearming the Czech Army and Law Enforcement agencies with its newly developed products such as the P-07 and P-09 pistols, CZ Bren 805, G1 grenade launcher and Scorpion EVO 3A1. Most recently, CZ extended its manufacturing presence overseas and introduced the Bren 2 assault rifle, new variants of the scorpion machine gun and the CZ P-10, CZ’s first striker fired pistol. In 2017, the CZ P-10 received the handgun of the year award by the Gus and Ammo magazine.

CZ-USA, a Ceska Zbrojovka subsidiary based in the United States, commenced operations in 1997. Currently, CZ-USA acts as an exclusive importer of CZ products into the US market. CZ-USA further assembles and fine-tunes various CZ models. All distribution, warranty and repair work is located in Kansas City to help service customers’ needs.

The Brno Rifles brand was established in 2004 as part of a strategic decision of CZ to salvage some of the classic products of the failing Zbrojovka Brno and to continue firearms production in Brno area. Under the CZ brand, Brno Rifles successfully reestablished itself on the market and introduced several new models of superposed shotguns and bolt-action rifles.

The well-respected Dan Wesson brand was founded by the grandson of the co-founder of Smith & Wesson, Daniel Baird Wesson in 1968. The Dan Wesson brand is traditionally associated with precise handguns, in particular revolvers. Since 2005, Dan Wesson became an integral part of CZ’s US operations and focuses on small scale manufacturing of the 1911 pistol variants. Despite strong competition on the US market, Dan Wesson handguns are increasingly popular due to their quality, durability and accuracy.

4M Systems is the designer, manufacturer and vendor of tactical gear for the armed forces (military, police, customs, prison service, border protection, etc.). The company was founded with the goal of providing the best possible service and products to its customers: professionals in defense and security. The 4M Systems team consists of experienced professionals, former members of special units and task forces of the Czech Republic.

Due to the initiative sparked by CZ-USA in 2005, the Safari Classics brand successfully followed upon a running tradition of dynamic, accurate and reliable bolt-action rifles for big game hunting. In cooperation with CZ-USA, Safari Classics offers a wide array of high quality custom-made bolt-action rifles based on the CZ550 model chambered in various high power calibers.

CZ-AUTO primarily supplies the automotive, aeronautic and power engineering industries across a wide range of customers in three continents. While the automotive division of CZ-Auto specializes in machining parts for HVAC systems in the auto industry, the aero division supplies aircraft components such as speed reducers, gear units and turboprop engine drive units.

CARDAM is a unique R&D workplace that focuses on the realization of innovative, technically and technologically advanced solutions and products by using high level of mathematical simulations and innovative technologies. CARDAM provides complete engineering solutions, based on the effective collaboration between The Czech Academy of Sciences and industrial enterprises. The cofounding member and owner of CARDAM is the Institute of Physics of The Czech Academy of Sciences. The Institute of Physics covers a wide range of science and technology disciplines, which permeate additive design and manufacturing. Thanks to these important resources, CARDAM follows up on contemporary as well as historical know-how developed by the Czech sciences. This innovative platform contributes to the development of the future product portfolio and new production processes.

CZ-Export Praha is a commercial entity representing CZ-Group in the Czech Republic and abroad.  CZ-Export Praha provides complex solutions in relation to delivery of products and technologies offered by the CZ-Group subsidiaries and its partners in the field of defense and security. CZ-Export also provides services in the field of financing, training and support throughout the entire lifecycle of the delivered products or technologies.